Saturday, November 19, 2011


Witches at Gardner Village

Poor Cruze :( . Cruze has to wear this helmet for three months! 23 hours of the day. It is to help correct the shape of his head. It is so sad. Fortunately he has been a trooper! He has had it for over 5 weeks now. We are hoping just before Christmas he will only have to where it while he sleeps. I miss being able to snuggle with him. It's kinda hard to snuggle up next to him with it on.

We planted some baby pumpkins this year. It was fun!

Up the canyons on Conference Sunday, with the rest of Utah!

I can't believe how old my brother has gotten! He received his mission call to Tuxtla, Mexico!!
He leaves February 29th. Leap year! I am so proud! I love that he is such a good example to my kids. I am so excited for him!!

We went down to St. George for a few days. The weather was perfect! We saw thriller at Tuacahn this year. It was so good! Better than at Kingsbury. No pics though. Darn.

I turned 28! :(
My mom gave me this cute cake.
Happy Halloween!!

Meet spiderman! He has got moves!

Our little blonde Pocahontas!!

And our chubby little monster!!

Spencer was a headless man. Here he is hiding, and waiting to scare the trick or treaters! He got them good!


I was so excited for September! I love fall. And I was ready to be on a schedule!!

State Fair

Playing at the park.

Playing with friends

Katelyn started dance again. I put her in a class with 5-8 yr olds this year. She is the youngest, and smallest. I was a little worried she wouldn't be able to keep up but, she has done pretty good! All the girls are so much bigger then her. They all try to pick her up and carry her. Kinda funny!

Cruzer got his first two teeth!

Best buds!

I walked into Beckams room one day and he had all of his cars stacked on his blinds in each window!


Newport Beach 2011

We went to Newport Beach in August. Spencer even got to come for a couple of days!! As always my kids lived it up at the beach!! We did lots of the beach, shopping, and eating. My dad took us all to the angels game. Beckam loved it! Cruze was a trooper with all the sand. I swear it takes a month to finally get rid of all the sand!

The view from our balcony! So pretty.

My cute boys at the beach!

    We went for a little boat ride out in the bay. My dad is an awesome tour guide! :)

    Notice the big lazy seal in front of Kate. We saw lots of seals swimming around and taking naps on unoccupied boats.

Beckams first day of Preschool!!

Katelyn's first day of Kindergarten!!

She was so excited! Her teacher is Mrs. Rico. We love her! I was so excited for her to start Kindergarten. I LOVED elementary. So much fun. Can't believe I have a Kindergartner.

I love the canyons! We spent a few nights up them with family and friends!

Exhausted again!